Quickplay’s Managed Video Platform

Our team of professionals is unmatched in experience, having delivered hundreds of feature rich video implementations, to millions of customers around the world.

Content Enrichment.

Quickplay adjusts and enhances your content in multiple ways, laying the foundations for your video business: discovery, personalization and monetization.

  • Ingest, encode, transcode, store
  • Elastic cloud resources
  • Prepare content for all types of monetization (ad markers etc)
  • Validate and add enhanced metadata for content discovery, localization
  • MPAA certified content security

Open Services Platform.

Quickplay doesn’t lock you in. Our ecosystem is open, flexible and modular. We bring together the best-of-breed tools and intelligence that enable you to rapidly launch – and then grow – video services.

  • Modular, open architecture
  • APIs for integration with any UX
  • Leverage existing SMS and B/OSS
  • Advanced engagement tools (social, merchandizing, promotion)
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Integrated best-of-breed partners
  • Next-gen content discovery

Managed Service.

Quickplay is an extension of you. We are your strategic arm, staying on top of cutting-edge technology and offloading capital and operational expenditures, enabling you to focus on business growth.

  • NOC
  • Virtual Head End supporting multi-feeds
  • End-to-end QoE monitoring
  • Leverage cloud efficiencies
  • Multi-tenant
  • Global distribution / multi sites
  • Live event support

Quickplay's End-to-End Managed Service.

Every model supported.

Quickplay’s flexible service platform supports all types of businesses, and future-proofs your service by enabling new models.