Media Companies

Expand Viewership, Increase Engagement, and Maximize Monetization

You are building a powerful brand. Expanding your viewership, increasing engagement, and maximizing your monetization opportunity are high on your priorities. But as demand for content, anytime, anywhere grows, premium video management and delivery has become more complex and costly.

Quickplay’s multiscreen video solutions are backed by carrier grade SLAs and have been designed for implementation with large-scale media service providers, powering major events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, IRL, the NHL Stanley Cup and the Super Bowl.

Quickplay’s solution for Media Companies

Quickplay’s media services go beyond encoding by providing you with all of the integrations needed to ingest, manage, publish and consume content. We offer these integrations early in the workflow, which streamlines your multiscreen video content development and allows you to easily scale your service offering.


New Business Models with Powerful Insight

  • Advanced monetization models, direct and indirect
  • Content and metadata enrichment with social and personal viewing
  • Actionable insight from powerful content and consumption analytics
  • Track content to ensure it meets brand and industry standards

Support All Content Types

  • Integrate with over 4,000 content providers
  • Add new content and channels within hours
  • Integrate with leading DRM providers all while maintaining MPAA compliance

Flexible, Agile Solutions + Rapid Time to Market

  • Linear and on demand content distribution for 300+ device profiles
  • Support for device profiles before they launch
  • Access to regional distributors across the globe including North America, Europe and Asia

Download ‘Encoding is Not Enough’