Quickplay and You.i TV Announce Joint Partnership to Deliver Compelling Next Generation Experiences for Premium OTT Services

Partnership will deliver cross-platform front-end user interfaces and scalable, leading managed video solutions for Pay-TV operators

Toronto, Canada – April 12, 2016

Quickplay, the global expert in powering premium video to any device, has today announced a new partnership with You.i TV, creator of a multiscreen application development platform for video applications, enabling Pay-TV operators and content programmers to build custom multiscreen applications. The joint solution will offer customers a highly scalable, flexible multi-tenant platform powered by Quickplay’s virtual head-end, combined with an industry-leading front-end user interface (UI) to deliver a compelling premium OTT video service across all connected devices, including iOS, tvOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TVs and RDK set-top boxes.

You.i Engine’s front end technology solution removes the complexity of building custom multiscreen applications by outputting a single codebase that can be used to build and maintain highly interactive, fully branded interfaces. The custom rendering engine accesses the GPU to enable app performance beyond what’s possible in native applications, and grants designers unprecedented control of the UI layout and motion via a direct plugin with Adobe Creative Cloud. Quickplay’s managed video platform provides the backend service via a software defined headend, delivering secure streaming of nearly 700 live channels and hundreds of thousands of hours of encoded VOD content. Quickplay also handles all of the adaptive streaming and content management, including DRM solutions, user entitlements, dynamic advertising insertion, banner ad support, multi-language support, and featured content from over 200 premium content providers.

“You.i Engine grants operators and content providers unprecedented freedom to build truly delightful, immersive custom applications on every screen, and unshackles them from the fragmented, proprietary device marketplace,” said Jason Flick, CEO of You.i TV. “This partnership enables our customers to leverage the additional cost, time-to-market and service quality benefits of Quickplay’s software-defined headend capabilities and 24/7 managed service for Next Generation TV services.”

The partnership continues Quickplay’s strategy of providing operators and content programmers with truly open and best-of-breed solutions to the market. Quickplay’s partnership program also includes leading providers in User Experience (UX), to prevent vendor lock in and provide an open, modular approach that allows operators and content programmers to evolve, better leverage their assets and keep pace with rapid market changes, while achieving lean and agile operations. Quickplay also joined forces with Nokia in September 2015 to enable PAY TV operators to evolve their legacy IPTV platforms to the next generation of TV services to Deliver Next Generation TV Services.

“You.i TV’s reinvention of how TV operators and programmers build multiscreen applications is driving success with major content brands in Canada and the United States,” said Wayne Purboo, CEO and co-founder of Quickplay. “Our work with the You.i TV team on existing opportunities for OTT services will play a key role as we continue to build our partner ecosystem to provide the most open, efficient, scalable and robust solution in the market for operators and content programmers to take advantage of Next Generation TV Services.”

Quickplay will be exhibiting at NAB 2016 from 18-21 April in South Hall – Upper – 10702CM, where representatives will demonstrate the latest platform enhancements enabling Next Generation TV, including Quickplay’s market leading solutions in LTE-Broadcast. You.i TV will also be demonstrating its You.i Engine on demo pods in the Quickplay booth.

About Quickplay

Backed by a decade of experience, Quickplay is the global expert in powering TV over any device, allowing premium video service providers to focus on growing their business. Quickplay’s proven services leverage an open platform, cloud economics, and best-of-breed partners so providers can move faster, operate leaner, and offer the best TV experience anywhere. With facilities and experts in Toronto, San Diego, Singapore, Chennai, and Frankfurt, Quickplay enables hundreds of millions of viewers around the globe to fast forward to a next generation of TV with over 700 live channels, 4,000 live events each year, and two million securely-managed premium content assets.  Quickplay has successfully launched multiscreen video services for the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, Bloomberg, Bell and TELUS, HOOQ and AccuWeather.

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About You.i TV

You.i TV is the company behind You.i Engine, a UI framework built on the principles of video-game engines: artist-driven, cross-platform code with GPU-driven performance. Designers work in the tools they love and export directly into You.i Engine, where developers use the You.i Engine SDK to bring the app together with pre-built bridges to popular video backend technologies and common video views. The result is breathtakingly immersive, custom TV apps that run fluidly on every screen – Android, iOS, tvOS, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TVs, RDK set-top boxes, and many more.

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