As Seen In: Rethink Technology Research, Faultline

Rethink Technology Research, Faultline features Quickplay in Expway, Quickplay unveil CDNs for LTE-Broadcast.

“We believe that we are on the cusp of an explosion in the growth of applications and services related to premium mobile video and connected devices. Momentum in the LTE-B space has been building over the past year with trials proving-out technology, an expanding array of consumer and IoT devices, interoperability and business models. We are very bullish on the future of LTE-B and are poised to help providers around the world monetize mobile video and large file distribution.”
– Wayne Purboo, Quickplay CEO

Expert technology publication, Rethink Technology Research, recently featured Quickplay for the release of its mobile CDN for LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B) announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The publication looks at the industry ecosystem, highlighting how Quickplay’s unique offering tackles the market.

Rethink introduces Quickplay’s recently enhanced Next-Generation platform, which uses its own software-defined headend to ingest, package, and publish content and mobile CDN – to enable content delivery over any LTE network – by caching pre-positioned content on LTE-enabled devices. Quickplay spokesman said, “We have invested extensively in core platform enhancements with the acquisition and integration of Roundbox, a recognized innovator in mobile broadcast and one of the industry’s most deployed solutions.”

the real battle will be between mobile operators and broadcasters

Further, the article explores the range of commercialized services in push VoD and live broadcast streams that Quickplay’s platform will enable for operators and content programmers. The enhancements have expanded Quickplay’s capabilities, making way for new business models and new applications for the first time including:

  • digital signage,
  • push VoD,
  • in-venue applications, and
  • Expanding quadplay to other areas.

Rethink emphasizes on the importance of considering the impact of LTE-Broadcast on the mobile side, mainly due the prediction that unicast one-to-one transmission will not be economic for popular linear broadcast services. The article states, “the real battle will be between mobile operators and broadcasters for control over spectrum used for some form of multicast video transmission”.

Using operator examples such as AT&T, Rethink discusses how harnessing LTE, WiFi, and LTE-Broadcast will truly set providers apart from competitors in the marketplace and facilitate high quality video experiences for premium content on mobile devices.