As Seen In: IP&TV News and The Broadcast Bridge

Quickplay recently spoke with IP&TV News and The Broadcast Bridge about the potential that LTE Broadcast holds to unlock new revenue and provide a key gateway into the next wave of Next Generation TV experiences.

“As LTE broadcast ‘comes-of-age’, the next wave of Next Generation viewing experiences will soon be a reality”
– Broadcast Bridge

Quickplay’s solution for monetizing mobile video with LTE broadcast was recently featured in two publications, IP&TV News and The Broadcast Bridge, to address the current challenges that network operators face as a result of the rise in mobile video consumption. Quickplay shares insight on the potential of this technology to significantly enhance and expand operations, as well as unlock new opportunities in this space.

IP&TV News and The Broadcast Bridge introduce the current environment of mobile video, explaining the associated issues with network congestion and degraded performance with unicast (one-to-one) delivery. These articles go on to highlight the potential that LTE-Broadcast holds, highlighting both business and operational benefits.

Doug Dominiak and Jim Nelson from Quickplay discuss immediate monetization opportunities, including:

  • In-venue services, such as streaming for live events and a recent commercial trial with Valencia CF and Vodafone Spain
  • Ability to push VOD and subscription services to upsell new channels and premium content,
  • Mobile TV Services, and
  • Enterprise service such as Digital Signage and IoT.

As a next step, LTE Broadcast distinctively offers an easy transition into Next Generation services by opening up new business models and applications that can be trialed on a global scale. In order to seize opportunities associated with this new technology, the publications highlight the importance of a managed end-to-end proven service delivery platform to leverage the market, reduce complexity and easily carry out the transition to Next Generation TV.