World Class Broadcast and IT Infrastructure Assets

Quickplay’s customers benefit from $100 million in broadcast and IT data center investments to-date. Carrier and broadcast grade data centers serve our customers from Chennai, Toronto, Denver, and San Diego, while San Diego also houses our advanced Next Generation Video Control Center – a complete satellite and IP head-end and network operations center.

Next Generation Video Control Center

Quickplay has both the broadcast and IT infrastructure to ensure that your next generation video services meet the highest quality and reliability standards. This infrastructure gives you the flexibility to deliver linear live, live event and video on demand programming to any IP-connected device over managed and unmanaged networks.


The 30,000 square foot facility includes both a data center and a satellite ingestion farm, which work together to streamline the media transformation process and speed your time to market as well as enrich your content. The facility also features over $25 million worth of equipment that manages the capture and distribution of live and on-demand content to IP-connected devices. Its features include:

State-of-the-Art Data Center


The data center contains a satellite ingestion farm that acquires 1100 live channels from dozens of satellites. It also offers:

  • Automated workflow to ingest, normalize, delete or archive source files, transcode, package, publish, and manage alerts
  • Multiple content editor workstations for creating promotion materials and on-the-fly editing
  • Redundant power sources with UPS and emergency generator

State-of-the-Art System Operations Center


The system operations center can monitor over 1100 channels with its automated alarm-driven event management system. It also provides:

  • The capacity to run 40 origination channels
  • Real-time ad insertion and customized channel branding
  • 24/7 monitoring team

Live Events Control Room


The live events control room is the hub where our operations team provides real-time monitoring to ensure that all special events are delivered effortlessly. The live events control room features:

  • Independent data center
  • The capacity for video and audio levelling
  • Live links to director trucks through intercom for coordination
  • Censorship management with a configurable amount of delays
  • Real-time ad insertion and customized logo management


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