OpenVideo Console

The OpenVideo console provides a secure Web-based management interface for managing the content lifecycle, devices, visual aids and end-user preferences. In addition, the console includes a dashboard that allows views of customized information and access to detailed reports.

OpenVideo Core Services

The core services of OpenVideo comprise key functions to ensure proper operation of the system, including:

  • Authentication
  • Content security
  • Monitoring
  • Billing integration
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Device Domain Management

This function includes the device registry, which contains the hardware and software capabilities of each IP-enabled device that is registered to access the system. The device registry is continuously updated to reflect an accurate listing for each registered user. Each device is given a User Agent Profile which verifies details and validates content upon each request.

Personal Profile

This function enables cloud-based bookmarking of end-users’ favorite content, allowing them to maintain the same level of service when moving between devices. Bookmarking enables the delivery of targeted recommendations based on user profile information regarding consumption behavior, demographics and user-defined preferences. The profile also stores information on a user’s viewing pause point, enabling consumers to pause or exit viewing, and upon returning, seamlessly resume viewing from where they left off.

Location Intelligence

This feature uses presence detection to enforce geographic restrictions on content access. With a user’s consent, this information can also be leveraged to deliver real-time, targeted, location-based advertising.

Integrated Electronic Program Guide

The EPG is used to capture and display live TV and audio programming. For integrated VOD services the EPG also lets users see which TV program titles are available for download. For radio services, the EPG utilizes predictive data to allow users to view upcoming content in their rotation.


This system supports all major billing options employed to commercialize the service, including:

  • Purchase
  • Rental
  • Event-based models
  • Subscription models

Quick subscription checks and secure transactions for purchases and/or rentals of content are administered by a billing gateway. The merchandising service also allows for content discovery by highlighting categories for new or popular content, consumer ratings and suggested content based on previous purchase history.

Messaging and Notification

This function offers a comprehensive set of notification and messaging methods to users while also integrating third-party messaging systems. The notification system allows for timely and efficient management of alarms and alerts on events generated in OpenVideo, while the messaging system enables service providers to send users information on upgrades, scheduled downtime or promotions.


This capability supports the inclusion of advertising banners and pre- or post-roll video ads placed in specified programming. OpenVideo also fully supports integration with third-party advertising engines.


OpenVideo’s extensive Web service APIs allow partners to access the platform, enabling them to build, deliver and quickly add new features or multimedia assets to their existing applications.