QuickStat: State of the Mobile Ad Market

The following stats provide a snap shot of the mobile ad space. The numbers indicate the growing importance of mobile ads, consumer perception of mobile ads and the growth of key drivers of ad viewing on mobile devices.

  • Mobile ad revenue is growing very fast: For the first time in 2011, the IAB tracked the mobile ad format as a separate category in its annual Internet Advertising Report. Mobile ads accounted for $1.6 billion of the total Internet advertising revenue in 2011, compared to $614 million in 2010. This translates to a YOY growth of 149 percent, making it the fastest growing ad category according to the IAB 2011 annual report. Read more
  • Consumer perception of mobile ads is mixed: A recent survey of U.S. mobile TV and video users indicated that 54 percent considered (video) ads on mobile devices to be of similar in quality to ads on TV. However, 81 percent of respondents who recalled watching mobile video ads indicated a lack of ad variety. Read more
  • Live TV and on-demand TV/video streaming is a strong driver of mobile ads: The 2011 Global Mobile Life survey by TNS showed the services with the strongest growth potential among mobile users are live TV, streaming of TV/video and video calling. This strong desire for mobile TV/video is also indicated in QuickPlay Media’s annual mobile TV survey. About 81 percent of US mobile TV users reported watching more video/TV on mobile devices than in the previous year. As mobile TV consumption increases with improved penetration, frequency of use and duration of use, we are likely to see some TV ad spend moving to mobile TV ads.Read more here and here