Growth of Online Video, Connected TVs, and Tablets continue to Accelerate

The following stats reveal the accelerating growth of online video consumption and the devices that enable such consumption.

Growth of Online Video: U.S online video consumption is growing at blistering speed. From February 2011 to February 2012, the number of videos watched grew by 660%. During the same period, the number of hours of online video watched by an average user increased by 60% to 21.8 hours per month.
Of the 179 million Internet users in the US about 84%, watched nearly 38 billion videos during the month of February along with 7.5 billion video ads. Google’s YouTube generated the highest number of views at 16.7 billion.

Growth of Connected Devices: DisplaySearch has forecasted that 200 million connected TV devices will cumulatively ship over the next 18 months. This, combined with Internet enabled devices that connect to TVs such asXbox (23 million+ Live customers), PS3, Wii, Apple TV and Roku – means about 300 million TVs will be connected to the Internet in the next 18 months. That’s as many TVs connected to the Internet as Android devices in the market today.

Growth of Tablets Continue: Last week, market research firm IDC boosted its forecast for tablet sales in 2012 indicating that it saw greater than expected shipments in 2011 and that new products like the iPad will win over even more buyers. IDC now expects consumers will take home 106.1 million tablets in 2012 – a 54 percent increase from 2011.