All these encodes just so you can watch your TV show on your device!

A recent GigaOm article highlighting the large number of encodes needed to deliver a single movie to a mobile device caught the attention of many folks. The number, if you are wondering, is 120 and that’s just to get the stream and quality right. That doesn’t include other requirements such as DRM, content rights, subscriber authentication, and more.

Given our years of experience delivering video to mobile devices, the Media Operations team at QuickPlay is well versed on this issue. For just one of our existing clients, a large IPTV service provider, we have over 100 encoding profiles to ensure their end-users have a superior video viewing experience on all different kinds of mobile devices.

Many service providers are unprepared to handle the volume and complexity presented by encoding for the variety of devices on the market. This poses a significant challenge for those looking to deliver premium video to multiscreen devices, and is one of the many reasons why a managed service provider is a path of least resistance for those launching a multiscreen video service.